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Welcome to De Elementen! We are a place where we realize boundary-breaking designs, and we are proud to show them off.

On 800 square meters, we showcase the MODULNOVA concept, alongside other international brands for bathrooms, kitchens, and wellness spaces that we believe are leading the way. Every aspect of the design is covered. From the initial meeting to the final realization, you are assured of the highest level of personal guidance.

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A harmony

We find the unique in your assignment and we go for it to make a design that lifts your interior above the mainstream. A interplay of space, light, of environment and detail. There is no finger to be put on it but you will see and experience it.

That is the passion we strive for, that extra layer that we, designers of De Elementen, are proud of.


How can I improve the quality of my space? Which colors and materials match my taste and the function of the space? 

A collaboration of creativity and harmony

We don't just design; we surprise. We're passionate about challenging conventional norms and unlocking the hidden potential that lies dormant within every space. Step into our flagshipstore, and let us transform your space into a masterpiece that reflects your unique taste. 


With the design set, we embark on the next phase – material and product selection. Our expertise guides us through an array of high-quality options, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Once all aspects are finalized, a comprehensive quotation will materialize, encompassing a detailed cost breakdown and an initial project timeline.


After we have reviewed the quotation with you and any necessary changes have been discussed, we will prepare the final order confirmation. We will take care of production, planning, deliveries, necessary technical drawings and product data.

Lets start with the realisation! 


MODULNOVA is a family business founded in 1988 by Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto.

From the beginning, the company has expressed a strong tailoring concept and total flexibility in proposing a customized 'made to measure' kitchen system for the customer, thanks to an exceptional design vocabulary and a wide choice of materials and finishes. Over the years it has expanded the range of proposals, demonstrating a great ability to meet the needs and tastes of a diverse and international public. In 2000 the company created a line of bathroom furniture and in 2011 completed its offer with Modulnova Living, born as a natural continuation of an entrepreneurial path and acquired know-how.

Modulnova's mission is the continuous search for quality and innovation, transferring a strong identity to its products, studying new solutions to improve life within the spaces in which we live.